Monday, March 16, 2015


Here is my next 6 months of updating! I am warning you ahead of time that many posts are to come. This is nothing new, lol. I even set a goal to update more often but by the time I update my last 6 months, I am so burnt out of blogging that I need a 6 month break!

Jackson Hole and Grand Tetons. This place is beautiful and enchanting. I know I am not alone but this is where my heart fell head over heals in love, can't eat can't sleep kind of love... lol Actually we just became inseparable doing everyday things. It was a dream come true to date someone everyday and no family to bug us. We just had fun doing anything and everything we could. Going back is ALWAYS a blast. We go to our favorite places and eat at our favorite places! ALWAYS a must to have a huckleberry shake. It is a bonus that we stay with friends! Our friend Shauna asked us to come back the next weekend and she would pay for our gas! HECK YES! SO we drove there 2 weekends in a row.  Oh and I can't find any pictures because I lost my phone at Shauna's house!! I should have looked for photos before I blogged about it. Opps! Stay tuned for my next post I guess......

Friday, August 15, 2014

Warner Family Dinner

This is Derrick's dads birthday dinner! We had a pretty fun time!
We needed to get the soda opened for root beer floats! 
Leave it to my mother-in-law to save the day! Love her! 
The boys all think they are comedians! Including Derrick! 

I got my concealed!

Well Derrick has been begging me to take my concealed weapons permit. I finally gave in and took the class and paid lots of $$$ almost equal to a passport! Then he took me out to the shooting range! We had fun and I found out I am a pretty good shot! We started playing games as to hitting certain areas of his body just to see if I could hit it! Derrick has several guns.... he says he is going to buy me one.. I am not sure how I feel about that!

Camping with the Bateman Babes

SO, we took the bateman babes camping! You might see a running theme with this ADORABLE family! They are so good to me! Well the younger 4 girls said they hae never been camping! Soooo Derrick and I decided to take a 14,12,4,3 year old camping! BOY DID we have fun! The littles LOVE Derrick so much and it shows!
CUTESt girl! Cooking smores


Love these two! 

Melt my heart! 


Having fun!


Throwing a fit! I can't remember why! 

These girls.....

are something else...

Love this cute boy! 

cooking woof'ems

Cutest sleeping beautites! They slept the whole night! 

Wakey Wakey

They don't do mornings either! 

They were having so much fun! 

We shall take them again!! We all had so much fun! 

New Room, in the works

I have been wanting to redo my room for a long time. I was avoid it but I felt the time was right! I painted and decorated this room when I was in high school! Funny I am in that same room 10 years later. I loved the desgn then and now, I just want something modern and HAPPY! I needed a bright white room, something happy!  SOO I debated many different designs and colors and this is what I decided!
BRIGHT White walls
Orange base boards
Teal Chevron
Grey stripe

NEVER again would I ever use a boarder! AWEFUL! 

haha my mom broke out my window trying to save me from a HUGE bumble bee!

ORANGE! MY true love! 

My new comforter! PERfect! I am in love with all the color! 

My helper painting! 

I am still not done with everything, I need curtains, and a cover for my shelving unit. And some decorations! I want it cozy, even if it is temporary! Our room is 8 1/2 by 11 feet! Nice and Cozy!